A spread of some of the cute carrot and apple salad ingredients prepped in individual bowls and ready to combine.

Seriously… think about it… would it yell at you and punish you for filling it with packaged, processed junk… would it scold you for bringing home leftover cheesecake from dessert or last night’s Chinese take-out?

Or, would it hug you and thank you for taking such good care of it and filling it with fresh vegetables and fruits, lean proteins such as Greek yogurt, lean meats such as chicken, turkey and tofu and naturally sweetened beverages such as homemade lemonade and steeped iced green tea?

Each week, day, month (depending on your schedule and how often you eat at home) we stock our refrigerator, hopefully with a measure of self control and healthy, ‘clean’ foods. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, stocking the fridge with healthy fare is the first step to promote good eating habits for you and your family.

Tips for Stocking Your Fridge

Don’t Buy It…And You Won’t Eat It

It’s much easier to avoid the potato chips if they’re not staring you in the face. Steer clear of the inner aisles of the food store and prepare your grocery list before you head to the store on a full stomach as we all know what happens when hunger strikes in the food aisles – we end up purchasing bad foods that veer off from our grocery list.

Make Your Fridge Look Pretty

Take the time to place each food group in a separate compartment to create an aesthetic appeal. Store fruits and veggies at eye level for easy reach; use the bins for bottled waters or meats. Be sure to keep salsa, hummus, yogurt and guacamole near your fruits and veggies for an easy go-to snack before you head upstairs in the freezer for the ice cream.

Buy It, Chop It, Store It

As soon as you get home from the food store, start slicin’ and dicin’. Store fruits and veggies in Ziploc bags and Tupperware containers so ensure freshness. Divide portions into individual bags/containers to avoid overeating and make it easy to grab when you’re on the run. This way, when hunger strikes, you can simply reach for the carrots and hummus without thinking about cleaning, chopping and prepping!

Freeze ‘Em

I love frozen fruits. Simply pop a banana or grapes into the freezer for a cool, refreshing treat that pairs well in smoothies or eaten alone with a dip of dark chocolate.

Store Safely

What do you indulge in? Dark chocolate? Nut butters? Whatever it may be, keep it to a minimum and only purchase one variety at at time; this way you are not tempted to try each one when your cravings strike. Store these indulgences out of eye sight so that it’s not an easy go-to snack and requires a bit of thinking before you reach for it.


Keep your fridge as your friend, not your foe and stock it with healthy fare.  Here’s a peak at what I stock in my fridge and freezer.

What are the staple items always stocked in your fridge?


I was featured in SmartBrief today! Check out my gluten-free, dairy-free Buckwheat Cashew Puddin’.


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  1. I always have nut butters (particular cashew, sunflower seed, and peanut), organic eggs, Greek yogurt, fresh veggies, various condiments, rice milk, and hard cider in my fridge. I think I have a pretty happy fridge.

    1. Sounds delish, Lisa…sounds a lot like my fridge too…hehe…glad your fillin’ it with healthy fare!