Health Effects from EMF's {Electromagnetic Fields}

Radiation Poisoning | Ionizing Radiation

As much as I love my computer and smart phone and ipod, there’s a new threat to human health that’s called Energy Pollution. Since the industrial revolution and our subsequent electronic age, our Earth’s electromagnetic energy environment has become polluted with artificial EMS’s (Electromagnetic Fields), unnatural radio frequencies, microwave radiation, nuclear radiation and many other forms of energy that can cause severe imbalances in our human energy system. There are 250 million times more artificially generated radio frequencies in the Earth’s atmosphere today then there were back in 1930.

These invisible but highly reactive energy waves and artificial EMF’s from high-voltage power lines, transformers and home appliances have become the big unknown factor in our health and they continue to be a cause of concern for everything from autoimmune disease to cancer.

Here are a few things in your home you may want to think about replacing:

  • Electric Blankets-create 50-100 milligauss far above safe levels and are known to cause miscarriages
  • Electric Razors 200-400 milligaus
  • Electric Toothbrushes
  • 10 Watt fluorescent light tubes produce an artificial EMF that is 20x stronger than an ordinary 60 watt bulb
  • Electric Stoves expose you to an EMF of 50 milligauss- far above safety limit of 3 milligauss

All of these artificial energy fields and unnatural energy frequencies to which we are presently exposed to daily- cause extremely harmful reactions between toxic chemical pollutants and natural biochemicals within our bodies. They create poisons in the tissues of our bodies and have strong acid-forming effects in our blood and other bodily fluids, which disturbs our natural pH balance in our blood and tissues and causes a state of acidosis, which is the primary precondition for the development of all cancers.

My advice is to remove as many of these harmful products from your daily life and use only what is necessary. Use a regular toothbrush, blanket and razor as well as a gas stove and lower watt bulb for example.

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