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    1. Hi Kathi! All you need to do is click on the rectangle image above and you’ll be able to download everything right there- all the shopping lists!

  1. Question: the recipes included in the Detox menu plan vary as to the quantity served. Some recipes are for 2 servings, some are for 8 servings – how MANY servings is the grocery lists for? Per the recipe or for one person? two persons? Thanks, love the book, great recipes but now I want to commit to the plan and am so confused to how many servings it’s for. Thank you.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thank you so much for your book love! So happy you love it. The shopping list is made exactly for the recipe so if the recipe is for 2 people, the shopping list is made for 2 and same for the recipes for 4 people so you’ll have enough just following the recipe as the shopping list was made per the recipe servings. Much love,

      1. Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify, if I want to follow the plan for say two persons, I will have to be cognizant of the recipes that are on the plan and how many servings each recipe provides and then modify the recipe amounts to meet 2 person servings needed for the plan and then modify the grocery lists accordingly?

      2. Hi Linda,
        Exactly. The food shopping list is set for each recipe so if the recipe serves 2, there are 2 servings on the food shopping list. Make sense? xx

  2. I recently purchased your Eating Clean book from Amazon and I am ready to print my first grocery list for week 1 but can’t seem to access it. I have subscribed and completed everything it has asked me to do except purchase another book. Please

  3. I have the same problem as Teenya. I purchased your book and try to download the companion materials and end up signing up for your emails (which I already received).


  4. I have your book and I have entered the info to download the companion guides, but I only get an email to confirm, which i do, but never a way to get the guides. What do I need to do, thanks. Love the book by the way and got it for my mom for her birthday.