Dysbiosis {Gut Health}

Dysbiosis occurs when the bacteria in the intestines are out of balance, resulting in a vulnerability to the overgrowth of yeast, parasites, fungi and other harmful strains of bacteria. This can be caused by a combination of these bacteria as well as taking antibiotics and other drugs, eating hard to digest proteins, lack of enzymes in food, eating late at night, stress and not eating enough fiber.

A common scenario that triggers dysbiosis is antibiotics, as mentioned above. Antibiotics kill off most of our good bacteria and in turn our pathogenic bacteria take over; their growth is fostered by the presence of decaying undigested food matter that results from the lack of helpful bacteria.

Yeast and fungi feed on sugars, wine, vinegar, yeasty foods and are very difficult to get rid of. They thrive in the abnormal intestinal environment and then create viruses. The presence of these invaders is a decrease in our body’s nutrient absorption which can result in a B12 deficiency.

Dysbiosis can result in IBS, autoimmune responses, cancer, eczema, acne, psoriasis, chronic fatigue and other chronic health issues. If you are experiencing symptoms and are looking for more information, check out my Dysbiosis Program.

It’s not just the amount of bad bacteria in the intestines that affects health but the lack of the good bacteria, as well.

When dysbiosis occurs, it’s the result of inefficient digestions and/or not enough good bacteria and too much pathogenic (toxic) bacteria in your gut. Toxins result from pathogenic bacteria on incompletely digested protein; this is what causes the dysbiosis imbalance. There are tests to determine the extent of dysbiosis and the micro-organisms involved; this test is called the Permeability Test. Check out my Integrative Medical Testing page for more information. For more information on gut health, check out my Heal Your Gut Solution Program.

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