Happy Friday! I hope every one had a great week.

Last month I created a few helpful resources just for you- pages that you can access anytime, anywhere. I wrote these new pages for the same reason I create my recipes each week, to help and inspire you so that you don’t feel alone or intimidated by whatever health issue is holding you back from living your best life. There are no shortcuts to optimum health and I’ve surely learned that these past six years. I’ve been through lots of pain, hundreds of doctors and thousands of different foods to figure out what ‘worked’ and continues to change and ‘work’ for me.

I hope this information is helpful and just remember that anytime you need a little smile or wanna feel better, simply take a look on the right hand side of my website and you’ll see all of these resources listed.

You can view these pages anytime on my Getting Started page – I’ll be adding more pages as time goes on. Feel free to jump around to different pages that interest you! So many of you have been contacting me saying ‘Give me more!!! Feed me more Apples, Amie- we want to hear about your experiences and what helped you!’ Well here ya go, folks. Here are a ton of pages filled with my experiences, what helped me and will hopefully inspire you to never give up and keep trying.

Remember to stick with foods that your body is going to able to process best: clean, whole, organic foods. Nothing advertised in shinny wrappers with crazy claims on them- that just isn’t gunna do your tummy or your immune system any good! I’m sure you’re in the same boat when I say that many people (family, friends, acquaintances) just don’t understand my life and what I deal with every day. Is it upsetting? Well, sure it is but do I let it bother me anymore? Nope. Life’s too short. If they don’t get it…well, chances are they never will and I simply can’t expect them to. The only thing I can do is take care of me and my body – cause I’ve gotta keep this engine strong and mighty for many, many more years!

Each of these pages was created just for you with love from the bottom of my gut (he he he)!

More Apples To Make You Smile (And Feel Great) Every Day:

 Enjoy your weekend and Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the Momma’s out there. I’ll be spending my Mother’s Day with the greatest woman in my life, my momma, Joann. I can’t wait to see you and hug you, Mom. xo Thanks for being my everything…my best friend, my life, my biggest cheerleader.

Mom, I love you more than you will ever, ever know!

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  1. Our New Years resolution has made our family quite the foodies, but learning to cook for a healthier lifestyle takes some practice. Thank you so much for all this awesome info!

  2. Thank you a million times over Amie–you are the greatest. I admire all your courage & strength & love you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for making Mother’s Day so special! –Always, Mom xoxoxo

  3. I recently found your website through Pinterest. I can’t express how grateful and excited I am by the information you have on your site! I was recently diagnosed with celiac and have been on a constant search for great products/recipes for me, my family, and my home. You have proven to me through Instagram pictures and helpful posts that I can still live a vibrant and healthy lifestyle without feeling like I’m living on another planet! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  4. I am currently seeing a Naturopathic doctor and am doing the elimination diet as well as healing my leaky gut. THANK YOU for this post :))))))