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I’ve discovered the most incredible tea that has helped me tremendously with my health and the health of my clients. Its called Greek Mountain Tea. Its very rich in antioxidants and phyto-nutrients!  I absolutely love the taste and its naturally caffeine free. Apparently the Greeks have been drinking it for thousands of years and its a staple in the healthy Mediterranean diet. I think its a great alternative to Green tea for people who don’t like the taste or the caffeine but want the antioxidants. And I love that it is loose leaf – unlike the toxic tea bags you purchase in the store, this tea is made from unique herbs that actually come without a bag! The above image shows you the herbs (from Greece) that you steep in boiling water. I know you, like me, avoid all the toxins that you can in your life. What I didn’t know until recently, is how toxic tea bags can be; many of them are made from plastics so when you heat them with the hot water- they’re releasing toxic compounds into your body when you drink them. I’ve been on the lookout for a new tea that tastes good, makes me feel amazing and one that my clients enjoy too. I’m happy to share with you—that I’ve found it. Not only is this tea fabulous to drink- it’s beautiful to steep and serve for company and to give as gifts, too! This tea is offered by a new company called Klio that specializes in Greek herbal teas. Here’s a little background for you to enjoy below. I’ve spoken with the founder, Steve, who is amazing and has such a passion for helping people discover clean, organic tea for wellness. Like myself, Steve has been through diet related health issues in the past and he’s passionate about his products, which makes me even happier to introduce these tasty teas to you!

The Klio Tea Story:

  • Based in sunny Santa Barbara, California.
  • Bringing the unique herbal teas of Greece to health minded people everywhere.
  • Greece is home to thousands of different herbs and they are of the highest quality found in the world.
    • A result of the unique growing conditions found in the hillsides and mountains of Greece (“terroir”) and centuries of adapting plant genetics.
  • Herbs play a significant role in the healthy Greek/Mediterranean diet.
    • Dating back to ancient civilization in Greece, with records of the great philosophers speaking to their health properties and benefits.
  • Klio Greek herbal teas are naturally caffeine free. Yay!
  • They’re a significant source of antioxidants, polyphenols, essential oils and many other phyto-nutrients
    • These teas are tested for antioxidants and phyto-nutrients by Brunswick Labs, the leader in advanced antioxidant testing.
  • Phyto-nutrients and antioxidants are believed to play a vital role in protecting us from the damaging effect of free radicals (which our bodies produce naturally) and the development of disease, cancer and health complications, and in particular those related to aging.
  • These teas are certified organic, hand farmed, hand harvested, hand packed and unprocessed.
  • They are grown on small plots in pristine mountain environments in Greece.
  • They are whole leaf and single varietal, from designated origins within Greece, which reflect the unique characteristics of their specified region. The best part is that you know exactly where they come from!
  • Klio teas are offered in their original and natural form, as they have been enjoyed throughout the ages. They don’t create flavor driven blends (fruit peel and flavor additives).
    • They avoid mechanized processing and bagging in order to preserve their quality and the integrity of their health properties.


Why I’m in Love with Klio Organic Greek Mountain Tea:

  • Greek Mountain Tea is made from the leaves, flowers and stems of the Sideritis plant, which is native to Greece. It is called “Tsai Tou VouNou” in Greek (pronounced “tsy too voo noo”, accent on the “voo”).
  • It grows at high elevations (over 3000 feet) in mountainous regions throughout Greece.
    • Klio’s Organic Greek Mountain Tea comes from Mount Othrys in the Magnisia region (also known as the Mountain of the Titans in Greek Mythology).
  • The consumption of Greek Mountain Tea dates back thousands of years to early civilization in Greece.
  • Both Hippocrates (the father of medicine) and Socrates spoke to its many health properties including boosting the immune system!
  • It is also the subject of significant modern research for its potential benefits with alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and even cancer.
  • Greek Mountain Tea is known for its high levels of antioxidants and contains large amounts of essential oils and a broad range of other phyto-nutrients including saponins, flavonoids, polyphenols, terpenoids, diterpenoids, triterpenoids, alkaloids, sterols, caffeic acid, quercetin, etc.
    • And within these classes of phyto-nutrients exist a broad range of compounds. For example, flavanoids are a type or class of phyo-nutrient and within that class the Sideritis plant contains twenty-four known compounds incuding hyplaetin, luteolin, isoscutelarin and many more.
  • Klio Organic Greek Mountain Tea has an ORAC 5.0 antioxidant value of 7,000 and 120mg of polyphenols per serving – tested by Brunwick Labs.
  • The earthy flavor profile of Klio Greek Mountain Tea is very natural, smooth, light and easy to drink, slightly savory with subtle citrus, mint and floral notes.
    • It is excellent with a bit of raw honey but you can also enjoy it plain or with fresh lemon slices!
    • It’s tasty served warm in the colder weather or fabulous iced in the warmer weather.
    • Since its caffeine free, it can be enjoyed by the whole family throughout the day. Hooray!


How to Brew:

  • Brewing Greek Mountain Tea is a little different from other teas, but it’s very simple. Don’t be intimidated by the herbs in the bag; they’re fresh and fabulous!
  • Boiling these herbs briefly as part of the steeping process extracts the flavor and beneficial properties from the plant.
  • Simply add the herbs to water in a small pot, cover and bring to a boil and let it boil for 3-5 minutes.
  • Then remove the pot from the heat, and let it steep covered for another 3-5 minutes. Sip and enjoy. Trust me, you’ll be making this over and over again.
  • For more information on brewing please refer to the brewing instruction video, you can visit their website or the Klio Tea YouTube channel. participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

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  1. I’ve been steeping Greek mountain tea with hot water for several minutes. So boiling it first is better? Would boiling it destroy some of the antioxidants?



    1. Hi Love! the mountain tea, it has to be boiled, otherwise its just not strong enough. Re the antioxidants, we have the lab actually brew it (boiling method) and then test the resulting antioxidants and polyphenols. So what they are testing is the actual boiled tea that you would drink. Here’s a link with a video that shows how to brew it.
      Hope that is helpful! xoxo