Alkaline Water

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You just came in from a run, and bravo, you’re headed to the cabinet to get some water. You walk over to the sink, turn on the tap and…. Stop right there! Doctors suggest drinking eight glasses of water every day but this doesn’t mean drinking your tap water! Most of us have no idea what’s floating around in there.  Tap water is loaded with chlorine (like in a swimming pool), fluorine, (like the dentist uses on you teeth, but in varying amounts), hormones, pesticides, and various types of bacteria. All in all, environmentalists have found over 300 contaminants in tap water. Even if your tap water appears to be crystal clear and clean, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink, especially if you have a comprised immune system or autoimmune disease.

You might be thinking, no problem, I’ll just drink bottled water. Sorry, I wish that was the answer! Environmentalists don’t regulate bottled water companies and there is no method for filtering the water they sell. So, we end up spending money on a bottle of water that is not any cleaner than tap water and then we toss the plastic bottle into a landfill.

The cheapest, most environmentally friendly, and safest way to drink water is by buying an alkaline water filter for your tap. I would highly suggest the filter that hooks up to your kitchen tap because that is usually where you wash your fruits and vegetables.

For the bathroom, I suggest using a shower filter because your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs everything you put on it- including what’s in your water!  I purchased a shower filter because of my Hypothyroidism and Leaky Gut because the chlorine and chemicals in the shower water get into your bloodstream and negatively affect your thyroid function and the good bacteria in your gut.

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