5 day cleanse

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Ready for something that’s going to blow your mind? I thought so.

Not only is it delicious, but it’s totally FREE!

5 day cleanse

I met the founders of Amazing Grass 7 years ago when I was on a food trip out to San Fran. I contacted them, told them how much I loved their brand and drove myself through San Fran to get to their office. They had just started their business a few years prior and were the most authentic, warm people that I instantly loved. Funny how life works, isn’t it? Today I’m bringing you my first 5 Day Cleanse I created for Amazing Grass. So many yummy recipes for you in here.

Amazing Grass is all about crafting the highest quality superfood products that provide you with the whole-food nutrition your body needs while being delicious and easy to enjoy. Beyond their products, they aspire to give you the tools, resources and inspiration to help you feel amazing every day. This is why I couldn’t be more excited to partner with them in bringing you their 5 Day Detoxifying Cleanse.

Through clean eating and healthy habits, this program will teach you how to reset your body so you can feel, Simply Amazing!

The 5 Day Detoxifying Cleanse focuses on addressing 3 cornerstones in maintaining overall health and wellness; body alkalinity, digestive health and the elimination of toxins. It’s full of plant-based nutrients from organic and alkalizing foods that support your body’s natural ability to detoxify without the interference of highly processed, inflammatory foods often grown with toxic pesticides and chemicals. You’ll feel lighter and have more natural energy throughout the day. Most importantly, you’ll improve mental clarity and will end these five days feeling rejuvenated and vibrant.

5 day cleanse

This month at Whole Foods, receive the Amazing Grass 5 Day Detoxifying Cleanse FREE when you purchase their Alkalize & Detox or Detox & Digest. The program has everything you need from clean, delicious recipes for 5 full days, an entire shopping list of ingredients, and even tips and tricks to support you through the cleanse. And if you want to order any Amazing Grass products, use the code AMIEVALPONE16 for 40% off anything on AmazingGrass.com.

I know you’re going to love it.



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