4 Ways to Detox Your Skin

We’ve been chatting a lot lately about detoxing your food, but what about the other things in your life such as the toxins that enter your body via your skin? Today we’re gunna chat it up about how you can help your body eliminate toxins.

We all know by now that our health depends on our ability to detox. Our main detox organs, the lovely skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels, are bombarded by toxins that are coming into your body daily. What do they do? They cause everything from headaches to anxiety to weight gain and constipation along with depression, dull skin and accelerated aging. Feeling tired, looking wrinkly and loosing your energy ain’t so fun…therefore I’ve got a few ways you can whip your elimination back into shape via your skin. If you’re healthy and you don’t have stored toxins and each day you’re detoxing via these main organs. You’d sweat out excess mucus, water, salt and minerals—however that’s not the case for everyone, unfortunately.

If your bowels are backed up (aka constipation) your body will use other organs to compensate for eliminating these toxins. What happens next? You guessed it! Acne, rashes, eczema and other skin issues start to appear and those toxic prescription creams your dermatologist gives you don’t do a darn thing but put MORE toxins into your body…remember your skin is your biggest organ so whatever you’re putting onto your skin (sunscreen, makeup, lotion, shampoo, etc. is going RIGHT directly into your bloodstream- hello toxic overload = gross!).

What Are Some Ways to Detox Your Skin?

Here are a few ways I send those toxins bye-bye via my skin.

1. Skin Brushing. Here’s my info on Skin Brushing.

2. Infrared Saunas. Here’s my info on Infrared Saunas.

3. Epsom Salt Baths. Here’s my info on Epsom Salt Baths.

4. Hot n’ Cold Shower. This is something I just started doing. It’s a bit crazy but the goal is to turn the water on hot for one minute in your shower then switch to cold for one minute and repeat this three times.

Have you tried any of these detox techniques?


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  1. Hi Amie! Thanks for being super inspiring. When I feel defeated with the ongoing saga of trying to get to the bottom of my symptoms (likely Lyme) its so encouraging to hear about people that have overcome their seemingly never ending medical journey. I have been doing the brushing (love the soft skin) and Epsom salt baths (especially in love with this during cold months). I’m curious about what you have leavened about saunas. I have a standard sauna at the gym and would love to be able to use that regularly to avoid paying for each time I use an infrared at the acupuncture clinic. The gym is also much more convenient (less stress – yay). I have considered trying to rig up my own sauna at home but am also coming across debates on far vs. near infrared. My head starts spinning! I know you love your in home unit, but it will take me a while to save up for that. Any thoughts/recommendations about the various types out there? Thanks a million 🙂


  2. My passion is teaching but my second is a healthy lifestyle. I teach aerobics and find it to be my stress relief! Amie Valpone, miss soccer, miss hysterical, I’d love so much to be part of your group of followers. I’m not sure if you know because I don’t tell many, maybe you knew, but I struggled vehemently with bulimia nervous all through high school and especially during soccer because I didn’t always want to be defense and I felt if I didn’t eat and purged everything I would be skinny enough to score goals and move up on the field. And maybe id be a pretty girl too! So ridiculous, so crazy, so me. I still struggle but am very healthy and happy and bulimic free. Keep up the great recipes and continue to make people feel good about themselves through your food and I’m sure your comic relief!!


    1. OMG Melisssssaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sending you the biggest hugs and so much love from NYC. You brought tears to my eyes and how can I forget those amazing soccer memories with you!!! I am so grateful to have your support following my website. My cookbook will be in stores nationwide March 8, 2016 so stay tuned. YOU are so beautiful and I am So happy you are well and feeling wonderful. Take time to forgive yourself and give yourself a hug and buy yourself flowers; these are things that helped me with my medical trauma the last 10 years. I love you; sending you the biggest hugs and hope to see you sometime soon when I’m down at the shore. LOTS of love. Thank you for your message and for being so incredible. This is the most incredible comment I’ve received. Love ya chica!! oxoxo Hugs to you and your beautiful family!