How to Cleanse Your Body | Benefits of Sauna 

Infrared saunas (I recommend the Sunlighten brand–I have one in my home and I’m obsessed) are incredible efficient ways of driving toxins out of the body. These saunas can be especially helpful for those individuals who have had extreme over-exposures to toxins. Since you will be loosing fluid as you sit in this high heat, be sure to drink purified water beforehand and take water in with you to sip. Saunas, like Epsom Salt Baths, encourage cleansing through skin pores as you sweat and dramatically increases circulation. Sweating helps bring toxins to the surface of your skin so they can then be eliminated.  Since our bodies eliminate approximately 25% of all the toxins in our bodies through our skin, you can benefit from further stimulation through this type of detox. Heat encourages the deeper flow of blood and lymph throughout the body as vessels dilate thus toxins can be removed in areas where circulation of these fluids have been sluggish. As temperatures rise, your heart rate and metabolism increase and your body processes become more efficient, and therefore detoxification is enhanced.

Follow your sauna with a cold shower-the coldest that you can tolerate. If cold water is used as a follow-up to heat, circulation is further improved as your tissues constrict and move fluids and toxins along.

Another benefit of saunas is relaxation. You can close your eyes, relax and cleanse.

Talk to your doctor before starting a sauna session; many of my clients use the sauna once to twice a week to support their detoxification and general health.

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