“I’m so happy you’re happy…That’s lovely.”

“I’m so happy you’re happy…that’s lovely.”

And that’s all she said.

A few weeks ago I met my college roommate for dinner. It was wonderful; lots of laughs, lots of memories and lots of smiles.

As we got up to leave the restaurant, she took one look at me, gave me a huge hug and said, “Aim, after all you’ve been through…I’m so happy you’re happy… That’s lovely.”

And with those few words I started to tear up because it is lovely when you are living your passion by helping people, making them smile and teaching them that’s there’s more to life than kale.

I mean, come on now. There’s collard greens, too. Hehe.

It’s just simply lovely.

Isn’t it?

Here’s a few snapshots of a typical sunny week in Manhattan.

I was introduced to a new fruit called Quenepa.

Took a stroll in my summer white jeans.

And my summer white shorts.

Experienced a full, fun day at the Good Housekeeping test kitchens.

Attended two of the most amazing foodie events downtown.

Treated myself to a bushel of pretty flowers. Just because.

Started round 2 of my IV chelation and then shopped in the Flatiron area.

Munched on a lil’ veggie snack with hummus at the Hearst Tower.

Skipped through the Central Park Zoo.

And enjoy four beautiful nights of walking home from downtown.

But then again, if you follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter you’ve probably seen these photos poppin’ up all week!

Have a fabulous weekend.


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  1. Kir
    Kir says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about your day/week. And I LOVE the comment–“there is more to life than Kale–I mean, come on, now. There’s collard greens too.” So true. So funny.



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