Estrogen Dominance


When I first began digging into the root of my health issues I learned that many of my symptoms were caused by an estrogen overload in my body, which is also known as Estrogen Dominance. This is a disorder characterized by normal, deficient or excessive estrogen with little to no progesterone to balance its effects in the body, so therefore estrogen is dominant. How did this happen to me? Well, women of all ages suffer from estrogen dominance because we are constantly exposed to plastics, pesticides, car exhaust, soaps, carpeting, furniture and the foods we eat; all of which lead to estrogen dominance.

A common solution to treat this occurrence is to prescribe progesterone, but these are simply just chemical drugs also known as ‘progestin’ and are actually chemically different from the progesterone our bodies make naturally. In fact, prescription progesterone is not produced anywhere in nature- only in pharmaceutical labs. Gross! Please, please don’t put that into your body. I never, ever did and I never will.  These inhibit normal progesterone production and compete for progesterone receptors, which blocks our own natural progesterone from doing the job it needs to do.

Instead, I used a natural progesterone cream to balance the estrogen overload in my body. Many of my clients have also tried this method and have experienced an amazing recovery: their menses return, fibroids shrink and ovarian cysts disappear along with all of their other symptoms associated with estrogen dominance.

It is important to be able to identify the symptoms linked to estrogen dominance since women of all ages can develop this disorder. Signs include: PMS, breast tenderness, decreased sex drive, fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, uterine fibroids, insomnia, infertility, irritability, depression, memory loss, foggy thinking, thyroid dysfunction, fat gain, mood swings, water retention, hypoglycemia, ovarian cysts, irregular periods, hair loss, magnesium deficiency, osteoporosis and much more. My main symptoms were loss of menses, breast tenderness, weight gain and thyroid dysfunction.

If you suspect that you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance, I suggest finding an Integrative M.D. who can help run functional medicine tests and help regulate your system naturally.

I am not a doctor; my protocol was handled by Dr. Allan Warshowsky of Rye, New York. This information is not intended to cure or diagnose anyone. This is simply the protocol that I followed for my Estrogen Dominance. Please consult your medical doctor for treatment. It is essential to work with a nutritionist and an Integrative M.D. because I am sharing general information that is not intended to be medical advice. This information is only given for informational purposes.

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Christina Alexander November 5, 2013 at 6:44 pm

You are going to think I’m nutty LOL, but I have this too! (I commented recently in an IBS post). My GYN sorta threw a ‘script for some hormones that had a warning on them stating MAY CAUSE CANCER..thankfully I have the sense to stay away from such a thing. I want to use progesterone cream so badly but am confused about the “counting days” you must do, as I am so incredibly irregular I don’t understand how I’d do that! It’s just nice to see your post here, reminds me that I’m not alone in all of this..


Amie November 5, 2013 at 6:50 pm

Of course I don’t think you are nutty! SO many women have this. I was on the phone with 3 of my girlfriends today who all have it too and I had no idea they had it. It’s more common than you think and not many women know that they even have it!
My advice is to check your progesterone vs. your estrogen and work with an Integrative MD so that you aren’t put on a pill of some sort!!


Karen November 18, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Thanks so much for all your info! The integrative physician I started seeing this past summer suspected the folate problem for me, too — and testing confirmed it. Due to intestinal infection (also recently confirmed by the same dr. via stool testing) and inflammation, I initially had a bad reaction to methylated folate at 1 mg.

Ultimately, I restarted with it in tablet form, so that I could take just 200 mcg at a time, with two days between doses. After a month at this level, I’m about to go to just one day between. I’ve been treating the G/I infection (Klebsiella) with colloidal silver, so hopefully, I’ll be able to increase the methyl folate more quickly now without side effects.

I’m now waiting for the analysis of the comprehensive “Body Bio” test, developed by Patricia Kane. I expect to be told that although I’ve made some diet improvements over the past few years, and especially, over the past few months, that a lot more changes are recommended. I honestly do not know how I will manage them, physically as well as financially, as a 60 yr old woman, alone, living primarily on disability income.

But to whatever extent that I am able to manage, I know your blog is going to be very, very helpful. Thank you again for sharing your learnings.


Amie November 18, 2013 at 9:28 pm

Thank you Karen; great to hear from you. It’s ongoing and feels like it never ends but it will. Stay positive! oxoxxx Thank you for sharing! Love hearing from my readers!!!


Tina December 3, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Hi Amie, I love your blog! It is very refreshing to see someone advocating clean eating- it is so very important to raise awareness!! To the topic of this post: After refusing to to take contraceptives as a remedy and many years of battling my way through the side effects of estrogen domanence- I found that Chasteberry (Vitex Angus-Castus), which comes from the fruit of the chaste tree has helped me tremendously. There has also been a significant amount of research done on the benefits which is readily available on the internet for anyone who is interested in exploring this further. This coupled with a healthy whole organic diet, as oulined in your blog, is changing my life. While everyone’s circumstance is different, I wanted to throw this out there as an option that I have found to be helpful specifically for your readers like Karen who due to limitations may be looking for alternatives.


Amie December 3, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Thank you SO much Tina!!!!!!!!!


Amie December 17, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Thank you Tina. oxoxxxxx


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